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Video Producer | Videographer

022 616 7614

Who are you and what do you do?


I’m Jared, Wellington is where I call home. I am a one stop shop for video production, I produce videos for businesses and individuals in all kinds of formats.


Who have you worked with?


Sport New Zealand, New Zealand Transport Agency, Mojo Coffee, The Warehouse, Te Papa, New Zealand Micrographics Services, New Zealand Defence Force, Midas Infomedia, Trilogy, FIDI, Adobe, Te Pou, Mercer, S’wonderful, First National Guardians, KiwiSpace, Carter Observatory and Payments New Zealand. Just to name a few.


What services do you provide?


Everything to do with video production: Corporate video, promotional video, documentary, educational video, crowdfunding video, real estate video, event videography.


Every project requires different amounts of my involvement. I can come up with concepts, write the script, pre-produce, film and edit your entire project, or I can come in at any point during this process and only wear one hat.


I just want you to film something and hand off the footage, is that ok?


Great, lets do it.


What gear do you use?


Check out my gear page.


So it's just you then?


Most of the time, yes. Some jobs require a bigger crew, so I have no problem bringing more people on when the situation calls for it.


Great, how should we get started?


Feel free to get in contact with me even if you just have a spark of an idea. You can start by filling in the form on this page, or by giving me a call on 022 616 7614 or email at jaredcgray@gmail.com to set up a meeting.

Wellington, NZ

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jaredcgray@gmail.com contact form

022 616 7614



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